Rome, July 21st 2016

Egomnia presents “Curriculum Vitae Builder”: the simpler way to draft your resume.

ROME – July 21st 2016 – Egomnia, an Italian company operating in the human resources sector, launches the “Curriculum Vitae Builder by Egomnia” application for Microsoft Office 365 globally. The application, designed for Microsoft Word, enables users to create resumes in a guided and simple way and presents the information in a professional and captivating layout.

Egomnia’s technologies lead the user through the selection of his/her qualifications (Academic Background, Certifications, Work Experience, Study Abroad,…), which are neatly and simultaneously added to a Word document. The result is a professional looking curriculum vitae in just a few minutes. The application is free and does not require registration.

Egomnia Add-in

“Given the difficulties many people face when drafting a resume, Curriculum Vitae Builder is an extremely useful tool, that combines Egomnia and Microsoft Office technologies. There are thousands of potential users worldwide,” stated Matteo Achilli, Egomnia’s CEO.

Egomnia was created with the goal of facilitating labor supply and demand matching, promoting meritocracy through intuitive and professional technologies for both users and companies. Curriculum Vitae Builder fits the company’s mission well and standardizes curricula drafts according to guidelines designed to highlight merit.

Rob Howard, Director of Ecosystem, Microsoft said, “By automating and standardizing curricula drafting, Curriculum Vitae Builder by Egomnia helps both applicants and recruiters working within Word, saving time and enhancing resume creation.”

Thanks to Office 365, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and useful tools like Curriculum Vitae Builder by Egomnia are always a touch away and always up to date on every device.

Download: Click here

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